Investment solutions

We propose quantitative and algorithmic models that are structured for risk management



The trading systems Friend generate trading signals in a fully automated and they are sent directly from our Customer Reference Broker who run them, allowing the activation of the orders directly to the market.
The main objective of the trading system is to operate in trend, maintaining open positions to exhaustion of the movement in progress.
Even the size of the management is automatically adjusted so as to keep an eye on the exposure and any gain is protected by a trailing stop techniques.
Risk management is continuously monitored by means of mathematical and statistical parameters.

The trading systems Friend has never been modified or optimized from the start date of their operations, confirming their solid structure.

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Legal information
This document is not a financial advisory service and should not be construed to the collection of money. No part of this document should be construed as investment advice. The euSpeed Company srl does not collect money but it provides investment services and automated trading solutions exclusively for Brokers, Institutional and Management companies.
Results and performances made in the past by model portfolios can never constitute any guarantee of equal returns for the future.