MarketQuotes, your personal trading assistant

MarketQuotes is a semi automatic quotation system that allows the trader to set multiple strategies on the basis of the acceleration of the market.

Main features

  • Automatic management of orders
  • Ability to apply multiple strategies using orders or conditions
  • Ability to apply the same strategies on multiple titles

In increasingly volatile and fast markets, to understand moment by moment the acceleration of price movements is more complex. MarketQuotes, integrated into the ScalpToo platform, is a semi-automatic system of quotation which helps the traders to achieve this goal.

Instead of directly calculating the acceleration of market movements, MarketQuotes sets a level that the market must reach in a certain period of time. If this objective is not met, MarketQuotes moves the order or condition to another price level until the desired minimum acceleration occurs. Orders or initial conditions are entered manually by the trader, who is free to turn them into buying/selling, or both. With just one click quotes are enabled or disabled and you can change them at any moment.

MarketQuotes has also a feature that makes it a unique instrument of its kind: it is possible not only to quote the market orders, but also the conditions. Orders become so conditioned to the dynamic range of the book information. In the event that an acceleration of the market set to cross the condition, MarketQuotes send an order with limit price and conditions set at the time of its creation.

MarketQuotes is able to work based on levels of the book or on the distance in ticks: the first can handle multi-level settings and set them as a function of the spreads and the second to tick away the best bid and best ask.


MarketQuotes is actually available only to clients of italian brokers. Click here for more informations.