Trial and purchase: frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about trying and purchasing ScalpTool.

Does the trial of ScalpTool have any limitation?

The only limitation is the 30 day time period. The trial of ScalpTool is fully functional.

When do the 30 days of the trial start?

Your free trial will expire 30 days after you receive the email with the activation key.

Where can I buy the ScalpTool when the 30 days trial expires?

You can purchase ScalpTool online here.

Does the trial include technical support?

Of course. If you have any doubt or you need information on how using ScalpTool, you can send an email to our support or write the question on the forum.

Do I have to purchase ScalpTool if I use the trial?

Absolutly not. When the trial expires you are totally free to decide to purchase ScalpTool or not. In this case, we would be pleased if you tell us why you decided not to continue using ScalpTool. For us, improving is essential.

Should I have an active account to use the trial?

Yes. You can use an operative account or a demo one. In this case, if you do not have it, you can request it at one of our american partners.

Can I ask more than one trial?

No, just one. But, if you really want test deeper ScalpTool, you can contact us.

What are you using for the informantion I give you in the registration form?

We keep your data for internal use only. We do not give your data to any external company or partner. We just use them to inform you about new ScalpTool release or events. If you do not want to receive any more emails, we invite you to write us.

Can I use the trial for real trading?

If you have an active account, yes. If you have a demo account, no.

Is the trial datafeed real?

If you use the trial with a production (not demo) account, then the datafeed is real and your trades too. If you use the trial with a demo account, the datafeed is the same as the real one, but just for some exchanges.

Is the activation key valid only for the trial?

No. You will use it every time you purchase or renew ScalpTool. Keep it safe!

Can I use the trial with all your partners?

The trial you can get from our website is valid for all our not italian partners. If you want to use the trial with one of our italian partner, we invite you to contact their support.

Is MarketQuotes included in the trial?

No. There is not yet a trial of MarketQuotes. We remind you that MarketQuotes is available only with italian partners.